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How It Works

When you sign up, we ship Pause and Unwind to you on the first of every month. You will receive a beautifully-presented & specially-curated box with 5 items such as high-quality spa/beauty products, & indulgent goodies! You'll be treated to a wonderful relaxation kit featuring amazing women-owned businesses / women-founded companies. It's a lovely surprise that makes a wonderful and unique gift as well!

Step 1

Choose a subscription plan

Our multi-month packages offer a discount off of our regular price.

Step 2

Get ready to pause

Once you place your order, we get busy curating and partnering with wonderful small businesses & talented artisans that  to create a unique unwinding experience.

Step 3

Unbox and unwind

In each box, discover the month's theme letter, petite month calendar (to make sure you mark your "me time", relaxation tips for each item, plus inspirational stories about each featured founder.

Subscriber Reviews

"OMG! Just got my first box and I adore it! The smell alone just by opening  the box is relaxing. I am going to eat this up. Being a single mom with a  puppy and work full time standing on my feet all day. This is a must  need!" -Darby 

"One of My Favorite Boxes!  This box is truly one of my favorites to receive! Especially if you  enjoy yoga or products that are natural and used to relax yourself.   They send me products that I haven't seen before and I get so excited to  try them out during my daily meditation and yoga practice.  The  products are high quality, nice sizes, and are things I most likely  never would have found on my own.  I have already made several purchases  of items that I have received in my Pause and Unwind boxes after I've  tried them and fell in love with them!  A must try!" -Kate

"Relaxation made easy Love love love, they do all the shopping for u.... just grab the box and u have everything u need for a day of unwinding/relaxing self care."-Erin 

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